The Filmmakers' choice for extreme environments

Vertical Planet is one of the world’s leading providers of Safety, Security, Medical & Risk Management services to the TV and Film industry. Specialising in extreme, remote and hostile environments our technical services are second to none.

Technical Rescue

Vertical Planet offer a technical rope rescue, water rescue and rescue rigging service for the urban, rural and remote wilderness environments. Our technicians draw on a vast experience, skills and qualifications from IRATA Rope Access supervisors, Advanced Swift Water/flood rescue technicians and topside/in water HSE search & rescue diving services.

Technical Rescue planning & consultancy is vitally important in all aspects of remote & extreme environment filming. Vertical Planets safety/rescue riggers/divers ensure your crew and equipment remain safe wherever they are.

Vertical Planet are experienced in supervision and rescue in all environments from confined space cave rescue to full scale crew extraction from hostile environments.