The Filmmakers' choice for extreme environments

Vertical Planet is one of the world’s leading providers of Safety, Security, Medical & Risk Management services to the TV and Film industry. Specialising in extreme, remote and hostile environments our technical services are second to none.

Other Services


Vertical Planet offer industry accredited multi-skilled security advisors for your high risk, remote and extreme locations.  Our Security advisors are all Former Royal Marines Commandos and are multi skilled ensuring you also have Medical, safety and other location specific support.  We provide the full spectrum of security services from Threat analysis & country/loaction Recce's through to on the ground support and supervision. Our security services have been used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Russia, Madagascar, China and India, all in support of TV and Film productions.

Diving Support:

Vertical Planets multi disciplined operators can provide media safety diving support with HSE Commercial Diving qualifications. This is the benchmark for safe diving operations within the UK. Our diving operators will also be able to provide your crew with safety and security services whilst on location.  Vertical Planet are currently providing diving services in support of a History Channel documentary in Madagascar.  


All vertical Planet operators are trained as Remote Areas Medics as standard. Vertical Planet also work in conjunction with one of the UKs leading Remote Medical Support companies who can provide UK state registered Paramedics with experience in some of the worlds most hostile environments. Your crew will be in safe hands with our multi disciplined remote locations medics.

Vertical Planet is the filmmakers choice for Security, Diving and Medical support services.