The Filmmakers' choice for extreme environments

Vertical Planet is one of the world’s leading providers of Safety, Security, Medical & Risk Management services to the TV and Film industry. Specialising in extreme, remote and hostile environments our technical services are second to none.

Extreme Locations

Vertical Planet are experts at operating effectively in the worlds most dangerous & hostile environments, from war zones to the deadly epicentres of killer viruses . With an Elite British Forces background we are well placed to offer the highest level of safety and security for your crew while on location.

Vertical Planet has provided extreme location support from the high Arctic tundra to the war torn jungles of central Africa. Our operators are equally at home in the jungle canopy as they are kilometers underground in support of cave diving sequences. It goes without saying that your crew will be in safe hands with our multi skilled and experienced operators.

Vertical Planet are the filmmakers choice for extreme and hostile environment support.