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Aldo Speaking

Aldo has lead and extremely action packed life and has spent many years working in hostile and often life threatening environments. As a Commando Sniper fighting his way out of an ambush in the dusty battlefields of Iraq to leading filming expeditions into active Volcanoes and some of the worlds deepest caves. Due to the extreme nature of his work Aldo is often on screen and has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  Aldo has recently returned from filming in West Africa throughout the current Ebola epidemic and is now preparing for several expeditions, including rowing the Atlantic from Mainland Portugal to Mainland Venezuela.

Aldo delivers targeted talks to corporate clients, schools and businesses on several subjects, including:

  • Motivation and self perception
  • Decision making
  • Fear and Risk management
  • Change Management
  • Leadership

Aldos signature talk "Lessons from the Edge", is an action packed visual talk interweaving his real life adventures with sound philosophical observations and life lessons.  The talk is broken down into two parts; the first is a 30 minute introduction to Aldo and his previous adventures from being a deadly Commando Sniper to living inside one of the most dangerous and active volcanoes on the planet.  The second part is a conclusion of several life lessons Aldo has learned whilst on some of his most outlandish and dangeous expeditions.  

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