The Filmmakers' choice for extreme environments

Vertical Planet is one of the world’s leading providers of Safety, Security, Medical & Risk Management services to the TV and Film industry. Specialising in extreme, remote and hostile environments our technical services are second to none.

About Us

Vertical Planet is an Extreme Locations & Vertical rigging safety company for the TV and film industry. Based in Bristol and operating around the globe.

Vertical planet is the filmmakers' choice for extreme location filming providing a multi-disciplined approach to working at height, Rescue Diving, Swiftwater Rescue, security, Logistics, extreme environments and safety on location.

Vertical Planet provides experts in their field. Our operators are internationally certified IRATA Rope access and Rescue riggers with a wealth of experience in the TV and Film industry.

Many of Vertical Planets operators are multi disciplined and are certified in the following: Stunt Rigging, Mountain Guiding, Caving, Canopy Access, Rescue Rigging, Commercial Diving and security. Our operators are experts in working in the following environments: Polar, Jungle, Desert, maritime and Mountains.