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Vertical Planet is one of the world’s leading providers of Safety, Security, Medical & Risk Management services to the TV and Film industry. Specialising in extreme, remote and hostile environments our technical services are second to none.

About Aldo Kane

Aldo Kane runs Vertical Planet, a safety company for the TV and Film industry on extreme location shoots. He is a Former Royal Marines Commando Sniper and has many years experience operating and supervising in some of the worlds most extreme environments.  His knowledge and experience have directly influenced the success of several large budget productions over the years from Hollywood blockbusters to BBC Natural History Documentaries.  

Military: Royal Marines Commando

During his 12 years service as an Elite Reconnaissance troop Sniper, Aldo became an expert in operating in hostile environments, Mountains, Desert, Jungle and Arctic, becoming a survival instructor in each of the environments. Aldo has seved as an operational sniper in several countries including Iraq in 2003. During this time, Aldo became a Medic, Mountain Leader, climbing instructor, Diver and proficient Skydiver. Aldo has provided safety & security for some of the biggest names in Hollywood in some of the most remote places on earth.  As a former Commando and a qualified safety advisor you can be sure your production is in safe hands, regardless of how remote and extreme the location is.  

Safety Supervision & Securty: TV & Film

Aldo is a multi-skilled operator with many years of operational experience.  His background in the Royal Marines have provided a unique platform from where he has been able to gain experience and qualifications unsurpassed anywhere else.  Aldo is an IRATA L3 Rope Access supervisor, HSE Commercial Diver, Stunt rigger & Remote areas Medic.  Aldo has used his unique experience and qualifications around the world in support of TV & Film productions, from climbing supervision and support on Yosemites El Capitan and the Congos' Nyiragongo Volcano.  His other skills have seen him providing diving support in Madagascar, Security in the Congo, Safety supervision in Siberia and Caving support in Slovakia.  Vertical Planet and Aldo have provided safety support for companies such as the BBC NHU, History Channel, Discovery and several Cinematic release feature films including stunt rigging on the Marvel Avengers film.   

Aldo is also a Remote Area Medic,  HSE qualified commercial diver and Advanced Swift water/flood rescue technician. He holds Tree Canopy access qualifications giving him even more flexibility to get your crew where you need them safely. His experience in stunt rigging and wire flying can also be used in more conventional filming sequences to move people, kit and cameras.  With his experience and qualifications, you can be sure that that your production will have the best chance of success possible, regardless of how remote, extreme or hostile the environment.